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Ultima Sports Wear

Incredible Swim wear for Summer 2010. Order now and Get free shipping.

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This Gyro is amazing and being used by our Astronauts.  $59.95 with  Free shipping

Sonic Clear.

This product provides the Ultimate Cleaning and smoothing process for your skin. Using ultrasonic Techniques.  $99.95

Baseball Instruction Tapes

Instructional tapes by Hall Famers and All Stars. A must for anyone teaching, coaching or learning baseball. Get to the next level . Price $39.95

InfoWebmercial is a powerful way to shop that makes possible to harness the powerful combination of video and the internet to make decisons. Infowebmercial allows our  online viewers free access to select a company’s ad and view a full screen, full motion TV quality video commercial or infomercial for products selected and purchase on the spot.


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