“Live Your Dreams, Live With Passion, Enjoy The Journey” Larry Castro

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Performance Lifestyle Channel aims to be the most valued new media television channel, with the broadest range of quality programs available of any mainstream network. We are committed to widening the appeal of all genres by offering the greatest breadth and depth within them. PLC leverages the transformative power of broadcast-for-broadband technology. We will provide live events online around the country. Additionally, a library videos, movies, events will be available through  IPTV or on demand video library including training, instruction and motivational videos.   


We will cover national and international sports events and issues. Showcase affluent lifestyle portraits with indispensable knowledge. PLC programming has features on celebrities, travel and entertainment, real estate, toys, and of course, Golf and Sports. With an engaging mix of original and acquired programming from key entertainment genres, PLC’s programming provides a sophisticated and dynamic lifestyle programming.


Performance Lifestyle Channel intends to provide a “Performance Lifestyle System” with the highest standards of living available today to enhance the total well-being of each of our consumers both physically, mentally and spiritually.  Recognizing that the general population has a steadily increasing life expectancy, Performance Lifestyle Channels objective is to become a driving force in an positive active lifestyle.


PLC with the there quest in seeking out the very best life has to offer, those who are true connoisseurs of their passions turn to PLC. PLC captivates an ultra-affluent market with authoritative coverage of every aspect of the luxury lifestyle. PLC brings to life the flair and artistry of the brands that matter most to a sophisticated audience, offering uncommon insight and unusual breadth with elegance and style.


The programming will inspire an active and healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle will make everyday more momentous, more dynamic, and more magnificent. We elevate the performance elements of daily life, infusing them with the pleasure and confidence that come from the growing sense of mastery and discovery we foster in our customers and ourselves. Performance Lifestyle Channel is about performance in every part of your life, learning to capture the moment and to enjoy the journey


We feel that the people who look to live an active lifestyle have common interests. Whether it's golf, travel or being outdoors, we all share similar lifestyles, and as PLC shares with our audience, “we enjoy the game of life."



Life is about moments. When we reflect through life we remember special events & moments. Moments with our family and friends. Camping trips, hikes , vacations, sports events and accomplishments and more.  That special moment when your child achieves something special. At PLCTV we hope to bring those to you through our online entertainment. We hope to use those events and moments to make a positive difference in our viewer lives. “ Larry Castro”